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Joe King Issues a Cartoon Trilogy

   Cartoonist Joe King has released a 3-issue, boxed gift set collecting the "Bestest" of his cartoons from the Santa Monica Daily Press. The three book set, titled "Lord of the Zings" total 450 pages and cover his cartoons from 2002-2004.

   A press release for the trilogy says it "romps through a dozen local, national and international datelines putting a hammer lock on history with over 1000 illustrations. Sometimes brutal, sometimes elegant, always on target — Joe is a pen & ink pit bull who tends to chew through his leash on a daily basis."

   More information is available at www.FUNNYPAPERZ.com

Animation Nation Now on DVD

   Mark Fiore is now selling DVDs featuring his animated political cartoons. The first DVD release is titled "Mark Fiore’s Animation Nation" and contains over 20 animated political cartoons. The DVD can be bought for $10 at www.markfiore.com.

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